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For many of us, a savings account is the last thing we think about beyond just covering our monthly expenses and covering debt repayments. The fact is though, that putting just a little money away each month in a savings account can be an excellent way of working towards that big purchase - whether it's a holiday overseas, a new gadget, or sending your child to university.


In addition to helping you put money away for that big ticket item, putting your money in a savings account is a safe way to keep your money, and you can easily access it whenever you want. So which savings accounts or deposit accounts should you choose? After all, there are so many investment accounts on the market, that the choice of which to get can be confusing.


Read below for our savings accounts reviews, or write your own if you've got something to share. Not sure if you need a savings account? Check out our general bank accounts section for reviews and comparisons. 

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Accounts listed by best expected rate

Sanlam Savings Account
Minimum Balance: N/A
Maximum Balance: N/A
Minimum Investment Period: N/A
Maximum Investment Period: N/A
Nedbank EasyAccess Deposit
Minimum Balance: N/A
Maximum Balance: N/A
Minimum Investment Period: 3 Months
Maximum Investment Period: 12 Months

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